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Termite protection Charlestown NewcastleTermites are a nightmare for property owners. If undetected, they can quite literally eat your home. Newcastle is home to three species of voracious termites (also known as white-ants), each of them has its own habits and specialised treatments.

Bolstered Building and Pest Services are one of Newcastle’s most effective termite treatment businesses.

The golden rule regarding termites: If you think you might have them, leave them alone and call in an expert.


You will not be able to kill them and all that you will do is to scare them into hiding – making it harder & more expensive to find and kill them.

Bolstered Building and Pest Services are fully insured and we offer warranties; talk to us as these depend on the treatment being used.

There is a three-step process to effectively managing termites on your property:

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Inspect Termites

Termite inspections Charlestown Newcastle. A termite inspection requires a high level of skill, so it is important to make sure that your inspector has specialised termite qualifications, is experienced and fully insured.

If they are not qualified or experienced, they are going to miss things. If they are not insured and you are given a clean bill of health only to suffer a termite attack later, you are in for long, slow & expensive legal action.

They also need the very best tools: sound equipment, moisture meters, motion detectors, thermal imaging cameras and borer scopes to look inside walls and enclosed cavities.

At Bolstered Building and Pest Services, our termite inspection is a very thorough examination of your property using the very best tools and hunting for all the hidden visual signs of infestation. We:

  • Examine all the accessible internal and external parts of your property’s buildings
  • Have a detailed exploration of all termite friendly areas
  • Assess all the outside areas of your property extending up to 30 metres from your dwelling or to your boundary

From there we develop your termite inspection report

The report will tell you:

  • Whether there was any evidence of termites was found.
  • What type of termites you have.
  • How vulnerable your property is to termite invasion
  • An evaluation of any pre-existing termite management systems
  • Recommendations about how to manage your property and for a timber pest management plan

Termite control Charlestown Newcastle. Our inspections typically take between 1 & 2 hours depending on the size of your property and we are happy to answer any and every question you might have before, during, or after the inspection takes place.

Australian Standard AS 3660 recommends that you have a termite inspection every 12 months, but be aware that changes around your property or an invasion from neighbouring property may catch you unawares.

Termites are hard to detect and are continually on the move, even the best treatment plans can be compromised.

Regular inspections give you the peace of mind that your home is safe.

To find out more about termite inspections in the Newcastle region call 0422655297 or fill in the form.

Treat Termites

Termites can only be treated once a full inspection has been made and a treatment plan has been developed. Depending upon where we find them there are a number of options we use to eliminate your termite infestation.

Above Ground Baiting

When termites are found where Above Ground Baiting can be used, our Technician will place bait stations nearby. Termites then eat the highly palatable bait and take it back to the nest. At this stage the “transfer effect” of the bait happens as they start to eat and share the bait. It infects the whole colony effectively eliminating it.

Bait used is non-toxic to pets and children.

In-Ground Baiting & Monitoring

In ground termite control Charlestown NewcastleIn-Ground Baiting stations are both a treatment & prevention system. Stations are placed around the perimeter of your home or business, wherever the termites are found. As with Above Ground Baiting the termites take it back to the nest, the transfer effect occurs and it eradicates the termite colony.

In-Ground stations need to be monitored every 3 months to make sure they are effective. We keep data on the termite activity at the stations on your property. If termites are found to be striking stations on your property we will increase the amount of visits to protect your home.

Bait used is non-toxic to pets and children.

Liquid Chemical Barrier

Liquid Chemical Barriers are very safe & effective but not suitable for all structures.

The Liquid Chemical Barrier is installed to the entire perimeter of the slab or base of each pier creating a continuous termite barrier. Chemical Termite Barriers are proven to eliminate termite activity within a structure and prevent future termite attack. Non-repellent termiticides are used – a highly targeted treatment that only attacks termites.

Your technician will discuss this option with you if it is viable.

Safe for Pets and Children.

To find out more about termite extermination in the Newcastle region call 0422655297 or fill in the form.

Monitor Termites

If you have had termites on your property we recommend you have an inspection every 12 months. Even after they are eradicated new termites can move into the old nests and start eating again.

Termites will start causing structural damage within 2 years and can go years without being detected if inspections aren’t being done. Termites cause on average over $1,000,000,000 in damage to Australian homes each year.

Our termite inspections are as per Australian Standards with a comprehensive report detailing our findings, areas prone to termite attack, things you can do to minimise termite attack as well as termite management programs to protect your home.

To find out more about termite monitoring in the Newcastle region call 0422655297 or fill in the form.

We use only the best products for termite treatments including the No.1 Termiticide in the world.



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