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Removal and Deterrent of Birds

Do you have a bird infestation problem at your home or business? We offer humane techniques that will deter birds from nesting at your premises. And we can relocate the bird’s nests to a more suitable environment for the birds. There are all sorts of tricks that can be implemented to ward off birds. From simple owl cutout figures to small spikes designed to prevent the bird from landing on rooftops and gutters.

Bird deterrents Charlestown

Silent Bird Deterrents – Balcony Guards

The ‘easy to instal’ motion-activated Balcony Guard is great for patios, decks, and balconies, however, it is also very effective on boats, campsites, and other areas around the home.  The low profile unit emits ultrasonic (inaudible) sounds, that annoy and irritate many birds and small pests. 

Repels most pests, including bats, birds, pigeons, crows, rodents, possums, rabbits…and more! Just adjust the settings accordingly.

The Balcony Guard is designed to break the habit of the birds. This can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks and at times another layer of deterrent may be required.

Bird spikes prevention Charlestown

Stainless Steel Bird Prevention Spikes

Undoubtedly the most effective bird control product on the market!  Spikes are not harmful to birds, however they are the most effective surface deterrent available The flexible base and highly visible spikes make these the best visible bird deterrent available.    

Spikes offer a ‘one-time’ solution with little or no maintenance required.  Widely used by many government agencies and major and small businesses, spikes are the most reliable bird control device used today.  The spikes won’t decay or corrode and once installed, can last a lifetime.

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