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Spiders are one of the most common pests in Australia. We are also blessed with some of the most deadly spiders in the world and others that have bites with nasty side effects – especially for children.

Typically they live outdoors feasting on insects and hiding in crevices and corners. Except of course for the Sydney Funnel web: which hides in burrows in the garden and other outdoor living areas.

Most spiders are harmless, with bites causing little pain, redness and swelling. Some people however may have an allergic reaction. Some spider bites require immediate medical attention, particularly those by the funnel web spider which has been known to kill someone within 15 minutes.

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Below is a list of the common species of spiders that Bolstered Building and Pest Services deals with in the greater Newcastle region.

White tailed spider removal Charlestown

White-Tailed Spider

White-tail spiders have a dark reddish grey colour with a cylindrical, cigar-shaped body. Their defining feature is a white spot at their tip. The male spider’s abdomen is 12mm, and the female spider’s abdomen is 18mm – roughly the size of your fingernail.

White-tail spiders are vagrant hunters that usually roam at night. Instead of spinning webs and eating insects, they prefer to feast on other spiders, such as curtain-web spiders, daddy-long-legs, redback spiders, and black house spiders.

White-tail spiders are adaptable to both bush and urban environments.

The spiders like to hide beneath bark, rocks, plant litter, in gardens and within tight spaces inside of homes. You are most likely to find a white-tail spider indoors, at night, and during the warmer months. But have no fear – white-tail spiders live in homes to prey on black house spiders, not human beings.

If you do get bitten by a white-tail spider, the symptoms are similar to those of a bee sting: an immediate burning sensation in the local area, followed by mild swelling and an itchy red mark.

Unfortunately if you are allergic the reaction can be more extreme.

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Black house spider removal Charlestown

Black House Spider

The Black House Spider (Badumna insignis) is a dark robust spider, with the female being larger than the male. The back and legs are dark brown to black, and the belly is charcoal grey.

The webs of Black House Spiders have a ‘funnel-like’ shape, which is sometimes mistaken as a Funnel-Web Spider web. However, the two spiders look different and funnel-web spiders usually lives in a burrows in the ground.

Black House Spiders are timid animals and bites from them are infrequent. The bite may be quite painful and cause local swelling. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sweating and giddiness are occasionally recorded. In a few cases skin lesions have developed after multiple bites.

Funnel Web Spider

There are 35 species of funnel web however, only one holds the title of world’s deadliest spider: the Sydney funnel-web (Atrax robustus). Unfortunately for us, the Sydney Funnel Web is found in suburbs and bushland in the Newcastle region.

They are aggressive spiders that are black in colour, the front of their bodies shiny and hairless and their abdomens black or dark plum in colour.

Females are generally sedentary, remaining within burrows, their entrances framed by the species’ characteristic ‘funnel’ webbing, often positioned beneath rocks or logs in suburban gardens and bushland.

Males are more active, especially after summer rain, when they begin to wander looking for females, and this is when people generally come into contact with them.

The bite is initially very painful, due to the size of the fangs penetrating the skin. Puncture marks and local bleeding are also usually visible. If substantial envenomation occurs, symptoms generally occur within minutes and progress rapidly.

Due to the severity of symptoms, and the speed with which they progress, in areas where these spiders are known to live, all bites from large, black spiders should be treated as though they were caused by a funnel-web spider. First-aid treatment for a suspected funnel-web spider bite consists of immediately applying a pressure immobilization bandage. Emergency medical treatment should be sought as soon as possible.

Quite simply it is not worth taking the risk. If there are large black spiders on your property give Bolstered Building and Pest Services a call on 0422655297 and we will come out and give you a free inspection.

Garden orb weaving spider removal Charlestown

Garden Orb-Weaving Spider

The commonly seen Garden Orb Weavers are stout, reddish-brown or grey spiders with a leaf-shaped pattern on their fat, roughly triangular abdomens, which also have two noticeable humps towards the front. They sometimes have a dorsal stripe which may be white or brown edged with white.

Orb weaving spiders make suspended, sticky, wheel-shaped orb webs. Webs are placed in openings between trees and shrubs where insects are likely to fly.

The Garden Orb Weavers build large, strong, vertical orb webs.

Generally, the spider constructs its web in the evenings and takes it down again at dawn. The spider rests head-down in the centre of the web, waiting for prey.

Orb weavers are reluctant to bite. Symptoms are usually negligible or mild local pain, numbness and swelling. Occasionally nausea and dizziness can occur after a bite.

Redback spider removal Charlestown

Redback Spider

Female Redback Spiders are black (occasionally brownish) with an obvious orange to red stripe on the upper abdomen and an “hourglass” shaped red/orange spot on the underside of the abdomen. Females have a body about the size of a large pea and slender legs.

That matters because it is only the female bite that is dangerous.

The Redback spider likes living close to humans and is common through-out the Newcastle region. Their webs are typically built in dry, sheltered sites, such as among rocks, in logs, shrubs, junk-piles, sheds, or toilets.

Redback bites occur frequently, particularly over the summer months. More than 250 cases receive antivenom each year, with several milder bites probably going unreported.

Their bites can cause serious illness however, since Redback Spiders rarely leave their webs, humans are not likely to be bitten unless a body part such as a hand is put directly into the web.

Unfortunately children don’t understand that and are particularly prone to mistaking them as a shiny creature to be played with.

Common early symptoms are pain (which can become severe), sweating (always including local sweating at bite site), muscular weakness, nausea and vomiting. Antivenom is available.

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Huntsman spider removal Charlestown

Huntsman Spider

Huntsman spiders are large, long-legged spiders. They are mostly grey to brown, sometimes with banded legs. Many huntsman spiders have rather flattened bodies adapted for living in narrow spaces under loose bark or rock crevices. This is aided by their legs which, instead of bending vertically in relation to the body, have the joints twisted so that they spread out forwards and laterally in crab-like fashion.

Huntsman spiders sometimes enter people’s homes and are also notorious for entering cars and being found hiding behind sun visors or running across the dashboard.

Huntsman spiders do not do much damage to humans. Unless you provoke them, the spiders won’t bite. If you do get bitten, a cold pack is usually all you need to relieve any local pain and swelling. However, some species, like the Badge Huntsman, which occupy all parts of Australia, can cause prolonged pain, inflammation or vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, it is best to seek medical attention.

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